Three new flavour nuances of pure Domori Criollo are born

Exploring the excellence of chocolate through taste

From the unique heritage of Domori - i.e. Criollo, the rarest and finest cacao in the world - a new tasting journey is born for chocolate lovers, in which the Criollo is expressed to the fullest. This journey consists of 70%, 80% and 90% pure Criollo cacao which join the 100% Criollo, one of the best-loved Domori products.

The “pure” recipe 

The Domori recipe for the Criollo bars is short and calls solely for the use of cacao beans and sugar. This “pure” recipe allows Domori to highlight the natural organoleptic quality of the cacao. The following are the aromatic notes of these four chocolates, which together form the Domori Criollo tasting experience: 

Criollo 70%: notes of almond and light caramel, low acidity and excellent roundness.

Criollo 80%: notes of dried figs, dates, and raisins. Excellent sweetness and roundness.

Criollo 90%: notes of dried fruit and extraordinary persistence. Excellent balance.

Criollo 100%: A sheer mass of different Criollo cacao varieties, which creates a unique sensory experience. The persistence and balance are perfect, the flavour nuances are endless. It is extraordinary elegant and is perfect for those who want to discover the authentic nature of cacao, without compromises.

Even before its creation, the Criollo 80% won one of the chocolate world’s most prestigious awards last July, taking home the gold medal in the "Dark Bean to Bar over 80%" category at the Academy of Chocolate 2016 Awards.

Preserving the beans' aromas

The creation of the new Criollo chocolates starts from a careful and unique selection in the field, beginning with the grafting of the best varieties in the world, classified according to their descriptors and sensory maps. To maintain the fragrance and aromatic richness of the bean, an ad hoc fermentation is completed, which creates a maximum point of development of aromas and causes a fall in bitterness and harshness of the tannins. At Domori, along with roasting the beans at mild temperatures which never exceed 120 degrees Celsius, the entire process put in place is aimed at maintaining the quality of the cacao. Thanks to this process, the aromas are not eliminated but contained in the chocolate bar, and thus can be fully experienced on the palate. For the processing of the chocolate bars, a machine equipped with marbles which refines the cacao is used. There is no real conching, once again, as to maintain the volatile aromas. The product truly seeks to retain all the beans' flavours.

The Domori Criollo Project 

Domori boasts the largest collection of Criollo in the world, a true world heritage in matters of taste and biodiversity. Not only has Domori recovered this bean’s taste, but the company has also encouraged the recovery of biodiversity of this cacao variety that was almost lost due to low production yields. Today, this rare variety of cacao represents only 0.001% of all the cacao produced in the world. Unlike other cacao varieties, which contain astringent and rough tannins, Criollo is known around the world for its unique creaminess, roundness, and sweetness as it does not contain any tannins. The result is a quality of cocoa unrivaled to others. Through the Criollo Project, Domori has recovered this precious variety of cacao and simultaneously created the largest plantation of its kind in the world, which is located in Venezuela.
At present, the Criollo tasting line consists of 7 single varieties (Puertomar, Puertofino, Porcelana, Chuao, Canoabo, Guasare, Ocumare 77) to which the 70%, 80%, 90%, and 100% chocolate bars are now added.  

A new Criollo tasting line, a new packaging 

With a new line of Criollo products also comes a new packaging, to put renewed emphasis on Domori's vocation of selecting the most noble and pure cocoa. The packaging allows for more space to tell the story and enhances the product's appearance through the careful choice of the materials and visual details.

The project, which bears the signature of RobilantAssociati, has placed the Golden Square, an integral part of Domori logo, as the central element on the pack, both geometrically and figuratively as the heart of the product. From this central square radiates a series of geometric emanations, different in rhythm and emphasis depending upon the sensorial intensity of the chocolate bar.

As the percentage of Criollo cacao increases, the emanations become gradually more defined and precious. The 70% cacao version contains a light relief marking on paper, while the more precious 90% and 100% feature gold as they represent the maximum expression of Domori's value and competence. 

The new Criollo tablets are on sale in selected wineries, delicatessen shops and bars as well as on the website at the suggested retail price of 7€ each (70%, 80%, 90%) and 8€ for 100%.

Francesca Campello


About Domori


Domori, the Italian Brand widely recognized for making some of the finest chocolate in the world, was founded in 1997 by Gianluca Franzoni and in 2006 has been included in the "illy Group" (Group Illy).
Domori, based in None (Turin), is considered a leading brand in the world of super-premium chocolate. 

Today, the original Domori model, based on a the shortest and most rigorous supply chain and recipes, is widely recognized and adopted by chocolate producers all over the world. 
In March 2019, Prestat, one of the UK's most loved chocolate brands, joined Gruppo Illy: thanks to this deal, Prestat can access Domori's single-origin couvertures, making it the only chocolatier with a Royal Warrant, and the only sizeable UK artisan chocolatier to have complete control of the chocolate-making process from tree to truffle or bean to bar. 

Today, both Domori and Prestat are part of the Gruppo illy sub-holding "Polo del Gusto" - chaired by Riccardo Illy - gathering all the extra-coffee activities. At present time, Andrea Macchione is Domori’s CEO and founder Gianluca Franzoni is President of Domori. In September 2019, Domori started a creative partnership with Annamaria Testa, who signed the Brand's new claim "Chocolate is a world".


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