Domori partners with Slow Food to Promote the Culture of Aromatic Cacao

The company based in Piedmont, famous for their work of recovering the biodiversity of the prized Criollo cacao, will coordinate ‘Cacao Camp’, the cluster entirely dedicated to the world of cacao and chocolate that will take place during Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, the international event run by Slow Food. Together with Gianluca Franzoni, founder and president of Domori, the most important figures in the supply chain will intervene through discussions, workshops, and events

From September 20th to 24th, Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, the Slow Food coordinated international event dedicated to food, returns to Turin. Characterized by a focus on the protection of biodiversity and sustainable nutrition, this year’s show will host Cacao Camp, an area dedicated to the cacao and chocolate industry and its protagonists. The project will be coordinated by Domori, the first company in the world to produce chocolate exclusively from aromatic cacao and to control the entire supply chain to ensure excellence.

Since its foundation in 1997, Domori has been an advocate for biodiversity and sustainable cultivation. The pillars that have allowed the company to become a force of excellence in the cacao world are:

  • The recovery of the rarest and most precious cacao varieties such as Criollo

  • The direct control of the production process from the tree to the bar

  • The enhancement of aromaticity of the best varieties of fine cacao by educating and supporting small producers with specific projects and research throughout the supply chain

Everything was born from the passion and vision of the founder, Gianluca Franzoni, the first to make a bar with 100% pure cocoa mass, using only aromatic cacao, and the first to believe in the short, ancient and simple recipe: cocoa paste and sugar.

"We are proud of this partnership with Slow Food, since we share similar values, says Franzoni, and the attention to the protection of biodiversity, which is possible through the enhancement of the role of small producers all over the world. Recognizing fair compensation following each stage of production, providing support and training to farmers has always been a priority for Domori. Only in this way is it possible to preserve the quality of cacao and the raw material. We control production in every phase from tree to bar, since 70% of the final quality depends on the genetics of cocoa, the methods of cultivation, the care in the phases of harvesting, fermentation and drying. "


Cacao Camp (from 20 to 24 September): The Program

Cacao Camp will involve international guests, producers and Slow Food delegates who, together with the founder of Domori, Gianluca Franzoni, will contribute to deepen their knowledge in the world of cacao, sharing the interesting research that has distinguished them in this sector.

Within this in-depth area, in addition to seminars and workshops, part of the Domori production will be transferred to the Salone del Gusto. Thanks to the Bean to Bar Multi-process machines designed in collaboration with the company Tecno3, chocolate bars will be produced live daily. The Bean to Bar Multiprocess machines represent the first compact cocoa processing system. Starting from cocoa bean nibs, the machine completes each phase of chocolate production, preserving all quality, aromatic notes and preciousness of the most noble cacao. These "Domori for Terra Madre" bars’ proceeds will be donated to Slow Food’s ‘Food for Change’ campaign.

At Cacao Camp, there will be several seminars a day both free and paid, aimed at an audience of enthusiasts of all ages. In collaboration with Slow Food Education, children can learn about the cacao supply chain by learning where chocolate comes from, while those who want to discover the stories of the plantations and meet the faces of the most important experts on the subject can take part in other workshops.


Cacao Camp Program

Daily Free Seminars

Cost: Free

  • The Cacao Supply Chain: the production process and different types of chocolate  (in collaboration with Slow Food Education)
  • 360 ° on Cacao, Globally: Featuring international guests from cacao cultivators to chocolate experts
  • 360 ° on Slow Cocoa: Featuring The word to Slow Food delegates
  • 360 ° on Chocolate: Featuring famous Chocolate producers
  • President and Founder of Domori, Gianluca Franzoni, meets with the protagonists of the world of cacao


Daily Chocolate Workshops


Every day at Cacao Camp, the following workshops will be held:

  • 11:30 - 12:30: Children's workshop ‘IL PICCOLO CIOCCOLATIERE’ - Cost: € 5
  • 15:00 - 16:00: Sensory Analysis Laboratory: Learn how to correctly taste chocolate - Cost: € 15
  • 18:00 - 19:00: Chocolate Pairing - Cost: € 15

For further information:

About Domori


Domori was founded in 1997 from the creative mind of Gianluca Franzoni, out of his passion for nature, gastronomy, and cacao. In 1993, after studying economics, he went to Venezuela where the magic of cacao captivated him. He decided to build a framework for repositioning fine cacao on the market. Domori chocolate is an extraordinary experience, a unique sensory “tale” without compromise. Its story is told through first-time records that are true revolutions in the world of cacao.

Domori was the first company in the world to use only fine cacao in production.

The first to recover the biodiversity of the aromatic cacao variety Criollo.

The first to make chocolate with Criollo cacao.

The first to make a 100% cacao chocolate bar.

The first to rediscover and use the ancient and simple method of making chocolate with just cacao paste and sugar.

The first to create a Chocolate Tasting Code to discover the infinite nuances of cacao.

Every phase of Domori’s production is studied to conserve the aromatic notes naturally present in the beans of the best selected varieties. It is only in doing so that Domori chocolate maintains the natural and original essence of the cacao intact.

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