Academy of Chocolate Awards 2018: The Gold Medal goes to Domori’s ‘Chuao’ Criollo

Domori is the only Italian company to have received important awards in the categories Bean to Bar (with cocoa mass of less than 80%) and Bean to Bar (with cocoa mass of more than 80%).


The quest for the best aromatic cocoa in the world and direct control of the entire supply chain have earned Domori the gold medal at the Academy of Chocolate Awards 2018, an international event held by the Academy of Chocolate of London.

One of the most prestigious awards for the Bean to Bar category was awarded to our ‘Chuao’ bar, a variety of Criollo cacao characterized by sweetness and roundedness, with notes of dried fruit, honey and cream. For the Bean to Bar category (cocoa mass of less than 80%) Domori has also received important awards for other bars of the Monovarietal Criollo collection: the silver medal went to Puertomar, characterized by notes of cream, spices, almonds and cherry jam. The bronze medals went to Canoabo and Ocumare 77, which stand out for their excellent roundness and persistence.

Our unique fine chocolate bars won thanks to our Criollo Project which started in Venezuela in 1994 through the collaboration with Hacienda San Josè, with whom Domori has established a 50% joint venture. Because of this venture, it has been possible to create the largest collection of Criollo in the world, creating valuable heritage of biodiversity, as well as a nursery where the most ancient and precious varieties are preserved.

In the Bean to Bar category (with more than 80% cocoa mass), Domori received the bronze medal for the Trinitario 80%, Trinitario 90% and Trinitario 100% bars. The Trinitario line was created to enhance a hybrid cacao that preserves the aromatic richness of the noble Criollo and the resilience of the Forastero, distinguished by its aromatic floral and fruity notes. The awarded blends are produced with selected aromatic cocoa from Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Tanzania, Madagascar and Venezuela.

These awards confirm the importance of the production project through which Domori guarantees the best selection of the rarest and most precious cocoa in the world by using processing methods that respect the aromatic profile of the cacao, preserved along the entire production chain, from bean to bar

About Domori


Domori, the Italian Brand widely recognized for making some of the finest chocolate in the world, was founded in 1997 by Gianluca Franzoni and in 2006 has been included in the "illy Group" (Group Illy).
Domori, based in None (Turin), is considered a leading brand in the world of super-premium chocolate. 

Today, the original Domori model, based on a the shortest and most rigorous supply chain and recipes, is widely recognized and adopted by chocolate producers all over the world. 
In March 2019, Prestat, one of the UK's most loved chocolate brands, joined Gruppo Illy: thanks to this deal, Prestat can access Domori's single-origin couvertures, making it the only chocolatier with a Royal Warrant, and the only sizeable UK artisan chocolatier to have complete control of the chocolate-making process from tree to truffle or bean to bar. 

Today, both Domori and Prestat are part of the Gruppo illy sub-holding "Polo del Gusto" - chaired by Riccardo Illy - gathering all the extra-coffee activities. At present time, Andrea Macchione is Domori’s CEO and founder Gianluca Franzoni is President of Domori. In September 2019, Domori started a creative partnership with Annamaria Testa, who signed the Brand's new claim "Chocolate is a world".


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