Domori’s chocolate Javagrey wins the Milk Chocolate Bar Award

The awards ceremony took place at the Salon du Chocolat in Paris during the presentation of the chocolate guide Croqueurs de Chocolate

The purity of Criollo Javablond cacao meets the elegance of the Tyrolese grey cow’s milk: two ingredients of excellence combine to create the Javagrey Domori, a milk chocolate bar with an intense flavor declared to be the best by the Club des Croqueurs de Chocolat.

The award for the best milk chocolate bar will be presented at the Salon du Chocolat in Paris during the presentation of the 2017 guide Croqueurs de chocolate. The award recognizes the perfect balance between the Criollo Javablond chocolate and the Tyrolese grey cow’s milk, fragrant of the pastures of Tyrol in western Austria.

The high-quality ingredients form the unmistakable aroma and flavor of the Javagrey. The milk’s natural sweetness finds its equilibrium in the aromatic Javablond Domori. The cacao, which comes from the island of Java, is known for its strong contrast of spiciness with an excellent roundness, incredible persistence, and distinct sweetness with notes of tobacco, red fruits, smoke, and underbrush.

The Javagrey bar is part of Domori’s D-Fusion product line created for milk chocolate lovers, where fine cacao is paired with prized and often unusual ingredients. In addition to goat, donkey, camel, and sheep’s milk, D-Fusion also includes chocolate bars made with Matcha green tea, Moroccan Nanah mint, Indian chili pepper, Guèrande salt, Piedmont IGP hazelnuts, and cappuccino.

About the chocolate guide Croqueurs de Chocolate

The chocolate guide includes over two hundred addresses of the best artisan chocolatiers from France, a selection from abroad, and artisan chocolate brands. Every year, it gives twelve awards to ten French and two foreign chocolatiers. The tasting panel is made up of eighteen competent and passionate members of its Club, which has been active since 1988. They blind taste the chocolate, evaluating its aspect, consistency, flavor, balance of taste, and aftertaste.

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About Domori


Domori was founded in 1997 from the creative mind of Gianluca Franzoni, out of his passion for nature, gastronomy, and cacao. In 1993, after studying economics, he went to Venezuela where the magic of cacao captivated him. He decided to build a framework for repositioning fine cacao on the market. Domori chocolate is an extraordinary experience, a unique sensory “tale” without compromise. Its story is told through first-time records that are true revolutions in the world of cacao.

Domori was the first company in the world to use only fine cacao in production.

The first to recover the biodiversity of the aromatic cacao variety Criollo.

The first to make chocolate with Criollo cacao.

The first to make a 100% cacao chocolate bar.

The first to rediscover and use the ancient and simple method of making chocolate with just cacao paste and sugar.

The first to create a Chocolate Tasting Code to discover the infinite nuances of cacao.

Every phase of Domori’s production is studied to conserve the aromatic notes naturally present in the beans of the best selected varieties. It is only in doing so that Domori chocolate maintains the natural and original essence of the cacao intact.

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