Domori, the only Italian company among the “Top Best 25” chocolate producers in the world

according to The Chocolate Tester, the “chocolate bible” by Georg Bernardini

Tuesday, November 3, 2015 —  “A pioneer, a leader of quality, and a visionary. Unquestionably, Domori could not be left out of the 25 best chocolate producers in the world,” (Bernardini, p. 847) Georg Bernardini says in The Chocolate Tester, the “chocolate bible” that is now in its second edition.

Infact, Domori shows itself to be a benchmark chocolate producer for the criteria that define the category for best in the world. Other than the extraordinary quality of all its products (Bernardini, p. 137), it was awarded for its “bean to bar” productive cycle. This includes supply chain controls from the plantations to the bar and takes into account ethics, fair trade, sustainability, respect for the community of raw material producers and the environment, and transparency.

The author, a world chocolate expert, tested and presents 550 brands of chocolate from 70 countries in his book. In all, over 4000 products were tasted. The book has an enormous amount of work behind it, analyzing the chocolate market as a whole and tracking market trends, making The Chocolate Tester a veritable chocolate encyclopedia.

The categories that were reviewed are as follows: dark chocolate bars, milk chocolate bars, pure and flavored white chocolate bars, flavored chocolate, filled chocolates, chocolate with nuts, gianduia (chocolate and hazelnut) and marzipan, and pralines.

Among all the products, Chuao by Domori is the only one to have received 98 out of 100 points (nearly perfect); all other products were rated at 96.6 and below.

“For us, it’s a great honor to be recognized as pioneers of quality in Georg Bernardini’s book The Chocolate Tester, which has been the most exhaustive work ever written on chocolate, with its snapshot of the market and its current trends. It demonstrates that it’s a growing market on the international level that increasingly recognizes and demands high quality,” says Jean Pierre Willemsen, CEO of Domori. 

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