Domori inaugurates 2017 with new governance and looks to foreign markets

Friday, January 13, 2017 — Riccardo Illy, President of Gruppo Illy, assumed the role as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Domori and Gianluca Franzoni that of Honorary President.

After over twenty years of working with Domori, Gianluca Franzoni decided to reduce the time he dedicated to the company in part so he may alsopursue personal projects. As Honorary President, he will continue to contribute to research projects and in the selection of fine and extra fine cacao, and will represent the brand, even if not exclusively, in various markets.

Riccardo Illy and Jean Pierre Willemsen, CEO, will continue to lead Domori in a direction that focuses on the pursuit of high unique quality, achieved through close supervision of the supply chain that starts in the plantations.

2017 has begun with high energy,” says Jean-Pierre Willemsen. “We closed out the year at +14% vs 2016, +70% in foreign markets and +16% in Italy. In the upcoming days, we’ll be launching the first compact Bean to Bar chocolate machine that uses cacao nibs at Sigep in collaboration with Tecno3*. Small in size but with a big technological heart, this innovation will allow us to spread Domori’s constant search for using the best raw ingredients to chocolate makers around the world. It offers consumers the chance to personalize their chocolate in content and form.

*Tecno3 is a leader in machine manufacturing and in the confectionary industry