Domori Christmas gift ideas: quality and beauty.

"Chocolate is a world" is the title of the new Domori press campaign, signed by Annamaria Testa, with photos by Guido Harari, dedicated to the incredible richness and variety of Domori quality. Quite similarly, the Domori Christmas 2019 will celebrate the chocolate world, including the geographies, traditions, and culture of chocolate from all over the world.

Domori Christmas gift ideas range from the local chocolate tradition - within the Piemonte region -to the prestigious Criollo Chocolate from the cocoa plantations in Venezuela, not to mention the classic “Panettone”suggested in this precious edition by the famous Pastry Chef Salvatore De Riso.

Domori offers innovative formats, exquisitely joyful and convivial, of the most popular items from the great “Piemonte” chocolaterie tradition: the Maxi Cremino (25.00 €) in 300 gr format and the Maxi Giandujotto (24.00€) in 250gr are a fun alternative of these ever classic chocolate bites.
Moreover, Domori celebrates the strong bond with the region to which it belongs through the “Selezione Piemonte” Chocolate Box  (28.00€), an elegant selection of classic cremini and giandujotti, black truffles and dark napolitains. A part of the proceeds from sales of the Selezione Piemonte will be donated to the Paideia Foundation, a support center in Turin for disadvantaged children and families since 1993.

Round, elegant, with very trendy and pastel colours - cream, antique pink, pearl grey.
The new chocolate boxes Coffret  (39€) - in the three different versions Cremini, Tartufi Neri and Giandujotti - are a beautiful gift surely much appreciated.  The box format echoes a vaguely retro style that makes it perfect for a petit present, simply chic, precious and genuine.

Joyful, innovative, meant to enrich every moment of Christmas season, from the most homely days to Christmas nights, the Domori Chocolate Boxes are available today with a new graphic look - charming, elegant, very contemporary in adopting spots of colour, abstract shapes and a playful inspiration.
Each Box offers a different approach to the variety of Domori  quality.
The Coffret 30 Napolitains Single Origins Box (28.00€) may be considered a true open window on the culture of cocoa: a tasting journey to discover the Domori Single Origins varieties – through Venezuela, Madagascar, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Tanzania.

The Coffret Dragées Box (97€) enhances one of the most popular and iconic products of the Brand: a delicious selection of hazelnuts, cherries and orange fillets covered with the finest dark chocolate.

Finally, Domori offer two large size Chocolate Boxes for prestigious gift occasions:  the Domori collections Coffret Collezione N ° 6 and Collezione N ° 8 – respectively, 450 gr and 580 gr – are extraordinarily classic in their composition, generous in their variety and fully representative of the mastery of the art of chocolate.
The Collezione N ° 6 (102€)  is a homage to the city of Turin, with a variety of pistachio cremini, classic cremini and giandujotti; the Collezione N ° 8 instead offers a wide assortment of mini giandujotti, pistachio cremini, classic cremini and napolitains Single Origins.

The Criollo is not only the most precious and rare variety of cocoa (it holds by itself just 0.001% of world production): Criollo represents the history and the future of Domori.

Domori's knowledge of chocolate is not only artisanal, but it embraces knowledge and respect for the land and biodiversity. The San José Box (125€), made out of beautiful wood, is a tribute to the Domori Criollo project and to the precious work of farmers within the famous and homonymous Hacienda in Venezuela.
A fine selection, for the finest palates, which include chocolate bars in the 80% and 100% Criollo version and assorted monovarietal napolitains.

The 2019 Advent Calendar (21€) is a great holiday classic, that combines delicious chocolate, daily surprises and the beauty of children's imagination: the calendar will in fact be enriched with the drawings of the elementary school children of None, historical headquarters of Domori. The calendar contains an assortment of classic and pistachio cremini, milk and dark napolitains and classic giandujotti.

After the success of the past Christmas season, this year Domori is proud to complete its Christmas collection with a special gourmand edition of the classic Panettone, thanks to the extraordinary partnership with Master Pastry Chef Salvatore Del Riso.

The Panettone Domori Sal De Riso (67€) is based on a fine and original recipe of this typical and traditional Christmas cake: it stands out for the absolute quality of its leavened dough - soft, delicate and typically left to rest for a long time -  and the quality of the candy fruit and whole drops of Domori chocolate.

The gift box concept has been realized by Domori – it is enriched with fine drawings dedicated to the plant and culture of cocoa and it is twinned with a similarly designed Christmas shopper.

About Domori


Domori, the Italian Brand widely recognized for making some of the finest chocolate in the world, was founded in 1997 by Gianluca Franzoni and in 2006 has been included in the "illy Group" (Group Illy).
Domori, based in None (Turin), is considered a leading brand in the world of super-premium chocolate. 

Today, the original Domori model, based on a the shortest and most rigorous supply chain and recipes, is widely recognized and adopted by chocolate producers all over the world. 
In March 2019, Prestat, one of the UK's most loved chocolate brands, joined Gruppo Illy: thanks to this deal, Prestat can access Domori's single-origin couvertures, making it the only chocolatier with a Royal Warrant, and the only sizeable UK artisan chocolatier to have complete control of the chocolate-making process from tree to truffle or bean to bar. 

Today, both Domori and Prestat are part of the Gruppo illy sub-holding "Polo del Gusto" - chaired by Riccardo Illy - gathering all the extra-coffee activities. At present time, Andrea Macchione is Domori’s CEO and founder Gianluca Franzoni is President of Domori. In September 2019, Domori started a creative partnership with Annamaria Testa, who signed the Brand's new claim "Chocolate is a world".


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