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Thursday, August 4, 2016 — "Which drink is a chocolate perfect match?" This question sounded a bit too generic for Domori tasters, who asked instead: "Which drinks are a perfect match for Domori's Single Origins?" The answer is surprising, and you'll be amazed too if you try.

Using straightforward pairing guidelines, even the simplest meal can be enhanced through the right chocolate-spirit combination. Start by picking either a single origin chocolate or a spirit. For example, experience how Grappa matches the taste of Arriba, Sur del Lago or Puertofino. Or try Apurimac, Sambirano and Porcelana with a sweet Calvados. You will see how different chocolates enhance the spirit's aromatic notes. 

It is the same old story: what's the perfect match of chocolate? Some choose a French Banyuls, others prefer Sauternes, the Piedmontese Barolo Chinato or a D'Annunzio-echoed Sangue Morlacco.

Domori has its own ideas about this topic. The pairing guidelines represent the result of extensive research and testing.

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